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BMW M4 Build-up

Insane layer build-up.   See for yourself.

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Colorization Demo

50 shades of grey.

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Learn how to set up your own configurable images.

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Used in the Automotive Industry

See our image engine in action as used by leading car manufacturers. Slidebaker uses the fastest and most sophisticated image compositing software.

  • 40+ points of view
  • 1000+ layers per pov
  • Depth compositing
  • Smart image caching
  • Car-colorization
  • Optimized image formats
  • Scripting

Slidebaker's impressive features

There are more features to discover.

Fast Image Format

Automatically converts PNG to an optimized image format.


Don't create a new layer for every color.  You can apply colors to existing layers.

10,000+ Layers

Some products just want to show more options.  The number of files, should never be a limiting factor.

Multiple POVs

Supports 25+ different Point of Views.  See your product from every angle.

URL mapping

Upload mapping information between options and layer names.

Sharable Images

Images can be shared on social media platforms or via email.  There is no difference to regular images.

Scale with Smart-zoom

Images can be scaled before downloading, allowing to preserve bandwith.  Smart-zoom corrects MoirĂ© pattern.


We host your images and maintain the servers for you.  Access your content from anywhere.


Upload new content and have it integrated within seconds.

Some of our Partners for 3D-Renderings

We can connect you to some of the best 3D-agencies. Our partners are experts in integrating Slidebaker.   For many years, we have worked with them together and can entrust them to you.   Additionaly, these agencies offer a complete implementation of a website, a configurator and/or shop system.

Mini Build-up

Click on one of the snap-shots of a MINI build-up. It takes 100+ steps to build up the full image. We selected a few for you to zoom in.

Technology stack

Have a look at some of the technologies we use.