Why Slidebaker is the better solution.

Other solutions are building a configurable image within the browser.  They load different layers as PNG-files and stack them on top of eachother.  This gives you the impression of a configurable images.  However, since it is not a single image, it comes with serious disadvantages.  On the other hand, Slidebaker's approach of using a true image engine, gives it the competetive advantage.

Social Media

Share everywhere. It's an image

Slidebaker's images can be shared accross any social media platform.  Since configurable images are still an image, you can upload them to Facebook or send them via email.  Not beeing able to share product images today, is putting you behind in modern day technology.  Trends and new products are discovered on social media.  Maybe your product can be the next hype.  You do not want to miss it.


Your images can be found.

When you have a true image, it can be searched as an image.  Google's popular image search allows your products to be found.  Additionally, Google's new semantic search, integrates your products into their product search.  Your product image will be visible right in Google's search result.


Re-use your images. You paid for them.

Once you build configurable images, they become an asset.  Maybe you like to use your product images anywhere on your web domain.  You build landing pages, write product blogs or simply show them on your homepage.  Simply put the configurable image in your <IMG>-tag.

Cross platform

Download your app.

Sometimes, you want to complement your website with a native app.  Surely, you do not want to re-implement configurable images for a new plattform.  Guess what runs uniformly on every plattform?  That's right, images.  Slidebaker was developed to ensure you product gets seen no matter what.

Load times

Speed is everything. Don't be second.

When accessing a website, speed matters.  The user experience is degraded with low performance.  There is no fluid navigation, when you always wait for images to be assembled.  When you render the images in the browser, you need to fetch all layers from the server.  Even worse, you need to fetch them all in PNG, as you need the alpha-channel.  And on top, you need to build the layer stack.  This all takes time.  With Slidebaker, the images is created within milliseconds and can be downloaded with the JPG-format. Of course, PNG is also available.

Browser performance

It's a browser, not a workstation.

Sure, a modern browser can do some work.  However, depending on your OS, you might not have the power of a workstation.  Imagine you browse on your phone, and it has to apply 20+ FullHD layers.  That's a huge taks.  It get's even worse, when the browser wants to pre-fetch images, from different point of views for example.  Slidebaker does all the layering on the server, freeing your browser from this task.  Pre-fetching images is a very common task in today's web applications.


It's an image. It's trivial.

When you stack the layers in the browser, you need to integrate alien Javascript Code into your web application.  In order to control or change the layers, you need to comply to an API.  This does not only make your application development more difficult.  Sometimes it is impossible to force a different API into an existing system. &nsp;This happens when you already have an online shop system, like Shopify.