Slidebaker is rapidly building up more and more features.  This is an overview of features and functionality you can expect from Slidebaker.

Slidebaker is wrapping up its beta stage and will launch early 2016.

Fast Image Format

Automatically converts PNG to an optimized image format.


Don't create a new layer for every color.  You can apply colors to existing layers.

10,000+ Layers

Some products just want to show more options.  The number of files, should never be a limiting factor.

Multiple POVs

Supports 25+ different Point of Views.  See your product from every angle.

URL mapping

Upload mapping information between options and layer names.

Sharable Images

Images can be shared on social media platforms or via email.  There is no difference to regular images.

Scale with Smart-zoom

Images can be scaled before downloading, allowing to preserve bandwith.  Smart-zoom corrects MoirĂ© pattern.


We host your images and maintain the servers for you.  Access your content from anywhere.


Upload new content and have it integrated within seconds.

Layer Hirachie

Slidebaker maintains a layer-stack.  You can change the order of the layer-stack in real-time.

Performance Testing

Slidebaker profiles for you the render-times.  You can easily see, in how many milliseconds your images will be created.


No API is needed.  Simply set the SRC-attribute to your Slidebaker project.

Encrypted Links

You don't want users to play around with your image-links?  Simply select to encrypt your img request.

Full HD+

Show images in high resolution.  Full HD is supported.   For even higher resolution, please contact us.

25+ active Layers

Your products are complex?  Slidebaker ensures you can show every detail, be allowing for more than 25 active layers at the same time.


In order to increase performance, Slidebaker maintains a huge image cache.  Access common configurations instantly.


When showing images on a website, you have to make the decision between JPG and PNG.  Of course, Slidebaker provides both in real-time.

Depth Images

Depth Images ensure the correct ordering of layers.  Especially, when layers intersect in 3D-space, depth images are needed to calculate the correct image.

Account Control

Different agencies?  Diverse teams?  You can grant specific rights for partners to access your project.

Publish Control

You can make changes and test your project without impacting your live-services.  As soon as you are satisfied, you simply publish to your live-service.

FTP Access

You have thousands of image files?  You can use an FTP-access in order to maintain your images.  At any time, you can synchronize your project.

Service Features

Additional to technical features, we offer IT services related to building online configurators.  We make sure, your project will be a success.

Premium Support

Run into problems with Slidebaker?  We make sure you get help right away.  We support your project personally.


Your team is motivated, yet unexperienced in building configurators?  We help your team to make better decisions.

3D Partner

You do not have a 3D-Rendering agency?  Or you have problems finding the right one?  We select a 3D Partner for you.